We initiate the MedLion Clinic service within 1-2 business days from the service effective date.

#1: Account Activation 

You will receive an account activation invite email from us to get started. You need this email in order to access your account via the MedLion Clinic mobile app. Please email support@medlion.com if you need help.

#2: Eligibility

You will need to enter your name, date of birth and last 4-digits of SSN during the account creation process to verify eligibility.

#3: Access Your Doctor

You can start communicating with your dedicated MedLion Clinic doctor via the MedLion Clinic mobile app once your account is activated.

  • Send requests to your doctor

  • Get care for your children

  • Do video visits

  • Request prescriptions & refills

  • Request tests and lab orders

  • Request a specialist referral

#4: Troubleshooting FAQs

a. I didn't get an account activation link.

Please email your mobile phone number to support@medlion.com. We will email you the account activation link. We may ask for additional information such as your name, date of birth to verify eligibility if necessary. The account activation link is required in order to activate the MedLion Clinic mobile app.

b. How can I get an account activation link for spouse/dependents?

Please send your spouse's (or adult dependent's) name, email address, date of birth, and mobile number to support@medlion.com. We will email your spouse/dependent their account activation link. Please note that each adult member needs to have their own account in order to use MedLion Clinic service. Medical care for children under the age of 18 years can be managed by a parent under the parent account.

c. Can I use the MedLion Clinic service without a smartphone?

No. MedLion Clinic mobile app is necessary in order to communicate with the dedicated doctor via secure text messaging and virtual visits.

d. Can I and my spouse use the same email or mobile phone numbers?

No. Regulations require that the individual patient information is handled securely and privately. So each adult member needs to have their own account with MedLion Clinic.

e. I tried to register/login on MedLion Clinic website and couldn't do it.

MedLion Clinic service is available ONLY through the mobile app. Please don't try to register or login via the MedLion Clinic website. In order to access the mobile app, you will need an account activation link from MedLion Clinic. If you have not received this link by email, please send a message to support@medlion.com and include your mobile phone number.

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