You want to conserve cash while offering attractive benefits:

#1. Attract talent. 

Healthcare benefit is the #1  criteria for job selection beyond compensation. How cool would it be for you to offer a dedicated personal doctor to your employees at no cost to them!

#2. Improve productivity.

Hours away from work for a doctor's appointment is a productivity killer. Virtual visits + texting with dedicated doctor saves time!

#3. Save money.

  • Fully-insured: save 3%-12% on the premium by combining MedLion Clinic w/ various types of plans (PPO, HDHP, HRA etc)

  • Self-insured: save $150-$250 per doctor visit in claims cost

#4. Employees save co-pay/visit fees.

  • Employees save co-pay of $25-$50 if in PPO plans

  • Employees save full doctor visit fees of $150-$250 if in HDHP plans

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