60-70% of the employees are power users of MedLion Clinic service:

#1. Working Mothers

Working women juggling a job and family find it hard to squeeze time out for an in-person doctor visit. 24x7 text messaging with a dedicated doctor at MedLion Clinic gives peace of mind. Use our unlimited video visits to care for yourself and family. We save you time, money, and make your life easier!

#2. Millennials

(Most) millennials would avoid going to the doctors office! Texting and video visits fit into the millennials' lifestyle and how they use technology. You can get care on the go!

#3. People with Chronic Conditions 

People with chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure experience ongoing health issues. This gets in the way of life -- and running to a doctor's office every time may not be practical. MedLion Clinic doctors treat and manage chronic conditions using a combination of virtual visits and appropriate tests. 24x7 text messaging allows you to get questions answered quickly. MedLion Clinic improves your quality of life!

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