The following are the three most active employee segments using MedLion Clinic's Virtual Primary Care. These employee segments make up 60-70% of the population and have needs that are readily met by MedLion.

#1. Working Mothers

It’s a struggle for women juggling a job, family, and kids to squeeze time out of their busy day for an in-person doctor visit. The ability to text message their dedicated MedLion Clinic doctor 24x7 gives women peace of mind so that they can get answers to questions quickly, reducing anxiety. By using MedLion Clinic's unlimited video/phone visits women can care for their family, and themselves. MedLion saves working mothers time and money, and makes their life easier!

#2. Millennials

(Most) millennials avoid going to the doctors office, and will sometimes forego care just to avoid the hassle. Texting and video/phone visits delivered by dedicated MedLion Clinic doctors fit into the millennials' lifestyle, behaviors, and how they use technology. MedLion helps millennials save time and money, and receive care on the go!

#3. People with Chronic Conditions 

People living with chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. experience ongoing issues that require continuous medical attention. This gets in the way of life -- making one more appointment, sitting again in the waiting room, driving back and forth, and so on. MedLion Clinic doctors can help treat and manage chronic conditions using a combination of virtual visits and appropriate tests, reducing the need for in-person doctor visits and helping people get care from anywhere. 24x7 text messaging services allow patients to get questions answered by the doctor while on the go. MedLion helps people with chronic conditions save time and money, and improve the quality of life!

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