Low wage earning employees can't afford insurance premiums and often don't enroll in health plans offered. In some cases, employers may choose not to offer any healthcare benefits to part-time or hourly employees. This is a problem for the business to attract & retain talent.  For the individual/family it creates lack of safety & peace of mind. MedLion Clinic is a highly affordable and convenient service to employers and employees in such cases.


  1. Save Money

  • Fully-insured: save 3%-12% on the premium by combining MedLion Clinic w/ various types of plans (PPO, HDHP, HRA etc)

  • Self-insured: save $150-$250 per doctor visit in claims cost

    2. Attract/Retain Talent

  • Competing for talent requires more than compensation. Differentiate your benefits!

    3. Improve Productivity

  • Employees save 2 hours away from work for doctor visits


  1. Save Money

  • Save co-pay of $25-$50 for PPO plans

  • Save full doctor visit fees of $150-$250 for HDHP plans

    2. Save Time

  • Save 2 hours away from work for doctor visits

    3. Get 24x7 Help

  • Text message w/doctor to get input and guidance on the go

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