1. MedLion Clinic doctors make referrals to specialists or hospitals based on quality and cost ratings. MedLion doctors can provide you with a few choices and the member can select where they want to go for further care.
  2. If a member has preference for a particular specialist or hospital, MedLion Clinic doctors can make a referral directly to such a provider.
  3. MedLion Clinic doctors can also share medical records along with an electronic referral note with a specialist or hospital.
  4. It is a member's responsibility to verify whether desired specialists and hospitals are in-network by calling the health plan or visiting the health plan website.
  5. Health plans normally don't make in-network information available to providers -- whether it is to a neighborhood provider, or your MedLion Clinic doctor.
  6. Some of our large employer customers share an in-network list with us. In such cases we are able to look up specialists and hospitals before making referrals.
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