MedLion Clinic membership offers unlimited video and phone consultations with dedicated, high-quality, board-certified doctors. 

Once membership is purchased by you or your employer, we will initiate our service in 3 simple steps below:

STEP 1: Text message from your MedLion Clinic Doctor

Your dedicated MedLion Clinic doctor will text you on the first day of the service. This message will come from 415-466-1200. Save this number in your phone and you will be able to "text" your MedLion Clinic doctor any time with any questions.

STEP 2: Activate Your Account

You will receive an email notification from us with instructions for activating your account.

STEP 3: Schedule An Appointment

Login to your account on or using MedLion Clinic mobile app.
Schedule your first video appointment to establish doctor-patient relationship with your MedLion Clinic doctor. Please note that due to regulations, medical treatment cannot be rendered until the first video appointment has taken place. It is therefore recommended that you schedule this first visit as soon as possible so that care may be quickly rendered when needed.

Start Using MedLion Clinic to:

Schedule video & phone consultations
Ask your doctor any questions
Get care for your children
Request prescriptions & refills
Request tests and lab orders
Schedule follow up appointments
Request a specialist referral

And more!

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